Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

Whereas public playgrounds offer a range of activities that get children moving while fostering their physical and social development, the MY FREE PLAY module, a new, original Jambette signature concept, adds another dimension to play: CREATIVITY.

Create and Build

Designed to encourage free play*, MY FREE PLAY by Jambette lets children decide, plan, create, collaborate and build. A basic structure called THE PLAN acts as a framework, with 8 strong vertical pillars that support 3 horizontal bars connected in height by 3 crossbars. The MY FREE PLAY magic happens when children discover within the large storage trunk a variety of parts and objects that they can use to give a unique shape to THEIR module. The construction and creation possibilities are endless!

Nouveau Module Je joue libre

Imagine and Collaborate

Several prefabricated panels of different shapes and colours can be installed, removed or moved at will at different locations on THE PLAN with large colourful bolts. The imagination blossoms even more when children discover that they can add to these basic elements many other finds: boards, ropes, cardboard boxes, canvas, tires, etc. Collaboration comes naturally during the handling and construction phase: the older children help hoist elements while the younger ones bolt them in place!

Enfants Je joue libre

An Exciting New Dawn

There is a consensus that a return to free play is necessary for the development and well-being of children. MY FREE PLAY is a brand new Jambette module that provides the winning conditions to promote it. The concept originates from the AVENTURE-LAB, the free play laboratory created by Jambette and the Patro de Lévis in 2019, and in research commissioned by Jambette and conducted by the Université du Québec à Rimouski in collaboration with the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. 

*Free play requires the discreet supervision of an adult.

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