Mission and sustainable development

Planet Jambette: We share the same concerns you do!

Planete Jambette En

Concern for the environment and a focus on sustainable development have always been part of Jambette’s values. The entrepreneurial spirit of our three founders, who are also long-time friends, developed within a bicycle touring club that, in the 1970s, was promoting the ecological values of the bicycle and travel with a low ecological footprint. A few decades later, they are still cycling and now using electric cars!

Planet Jambette is a true reflection of the genuine concerns not only of the managers but also the employees. Reducing pollution, recycling or planting trees—we believe that all these actions are important in saving our environment.

Jambette’s key areas of focus

Reducing pollution

  • Local supply
  • Low-impact solvents
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles


  • Control of paper and packaging material use
  • Composting
  • Recovery of production waste

Energy savings

  • Heat recovery
  • Programmable energy control
  • Energy Star® devices