About us

Jambette was founded in 1983 by three young men in search of a challenge and looking to take their destiny into their own hands. Claude Caron, Guy Caron and Richard Boucher thus decided to create a small company to manufacture playground equipment and park furniture. At the time, their creations were made of wood and quickly became popular as a result of their new look, sturdiness and safety. Within a few years, Jambette became a benchmark in its field.

The company continued to grow and, in 1995, it achieved a major milestone by winning the Mercure award at the prestigious Mercuriades competition, the highest entrepreneurial distinction in Quebec. And for good cause, because in 1995, Jambette launched its Stop Vandalism program designed to help its customers fight against this societal problem. That same year, the company also introduced the Toyota system into its production, well before many other companies and government organizations with greater public notoriety.

Asserting its leadership status once again, in 2000, Jambette obtained safety certification from IPEMA, the largest organization if its type in America. Jambette became the first non-US company to obtain this certification.

Today, Jambette is the Canadian leader in its field and is without question the largest outdoor playground designer in Canada. Jambette has over 100 employees, owns two subsidiaries involved in the playground industry and has a growing presence in the United States.