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A Clever Little Guide to Getting Children Out to Play

For the child, play is life at its best !

Play provides the ideal backdrop for self-discovery and for discovering the world. It gives the child the opportunity to explore a fragment of human reality through which he learns all the time, and unstructured outdoor play takes this even further. 

Unstructured outdoor play, whether in nature, the backyard or at a park, not only gets children moving, but also helps them develop healthy lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime. Overall, it promotes the healthy development of body, heart and mind. In terms of motor development, the child who plays, and plays outdoors, discovers what his body is capable of and increases his physical abilities. Emotional expression is also central to play, relating to others, and fostering self-esteem and self-confidence. Moreover, good outdoor fun contributes positively to learning and academic success. What better way to set the stage for a happy childhood and a healthy society !

In A Clever Little Guide to Getting Children Out to Play, parents, schools, daycare centres and municipalities will learn how they can make a very positive difference in the motor, social, cognitive and emotional development of children in their care

It’s your turn to play!

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