The Iceberg

The Iceberg

Introducing the newest addition to our line of super climbers—the Iceberg.

module iceberg

Reminiscent of the splendid and stunning glaciers of the North with its shape and rather imposing size. A unique portrayal of nature’s angular grandeur, now easier than ever to bring right to your park.

Set off on an adventure and climb its summit, using the interior cable play structure supported by aluminium tube frame and available in a wide variety of colours. Create your iceberg and match it with other Jambette products for an extraordinary play module.

Description du Iceberg

Inclusive qualities

The configuration of this product allows access for any independently mobile child assuming the cushioning surface is adequate.
The textures and reliefs offer a rich and diverse sensory experience. The variety of materials add to the interest and foster discovery.

Inclusion Jambette

Technical features

• Canadian aluminium frame (lifetime warranty)
• High density polyethylene (HDPE) walls (10-year warranty)
• Stainless steel hardware (lifetime warranty)
• Large selection of colours

The Iceberg super climber

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