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The 7 principles of the JUXi Creativity philosophy

1. Inclusion

Jambette wants everyone's participation to continually improve the Jambette user experience, because each person has a talent that contributes to the creation of a better world.

2. Openness

Jambette values the attitude of people who show tolerance and express interest, curiosity and appreciation for ideas that are partially or completely different from their own.

3. Respect

Jambette believes that respect makes us more attentive to others and our environment. When we respect others, we accept their qualities, shortcomings and life choices, all without judgment.

4. Initiative

For Jambette, initiative and independence are the driving force of a group that is built first and foremost on the confidence of its individuals and their talents.

5. Generosity

At Jambette, each idea that is shared is the driving force of a new idea that is in turn shared. The multiplication of ideas allows the introduction of new ways of doing things that improve everyone’s daily lives.

6. Community (civic duty)

Serving the community is essential for Jambette because creative cooperation and collaboration form the spirit of people who work together with other people for a common cause.

7. Success

We all share this desire to exceed our own expectations to offer the best to our customers. The commitment of each person helps us achieve our objectives and push our boundaries.

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