With MY FREE PLAY, children become playground designers!

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Create and Build

The module lets children decide, plan, create, collaborate and build. The My free play magic happens when children discover within the large storage trunk a variety of parts and objects that they can use to give a unique shape to THEIR module.

L'empreinte Jambette

Imagine and Collaborate

Several panels of different shapes and colours can be installed, removed or moved at will at different locations with large colourful bolts. The imagination blossoms even more when children discover that they can add to these basic elements many other finds: boards, ropes, cardboard boxes, canvas, tires, etc.

L'empreinte Jambette

Start over and do even better

After a play session, we may decide to put everything away and start from scratch the next day. The children, having learned from their "mistakes" the day before, modify and improve their construction techniques. New individual and collective ideas and strategies sprout from the experience gained.

L'empreinte Jambette

Explore Themes

Since My free play can be re-imagined endlessly, the use of the structure can change around themes suggested by staff or decided by the children themselves. The shared project then becomes to imagine and build together a boat or a spaceship!

An Exciting New Dawn

  • 2016

    Jambette is interested in the free-play trend and highly concerned by current findings that suggest that young people are playing outdoors less and less and that their playtime is too structured. It is also during that year that the first white paper «  A Clever Little Guide to Getting Children Out to Play  » is published.

  • 2017

    Beginning of the search for inspiration from the free play initiatives led by many organizations in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the world.

  • 2018

    Jambette decides to set up a lab to observe the play preferences and habits of children.

  • 2019

    Summer - Grand opening of The Adventure-Lab, an exclusive free-play concept. This outstanding playground allows kids to experiment and create their own fun universe by using reclaimed materials.

  • 2019

    Autumn - Publication of the research on free play commissioned by Jambette and conducted by the Université du Québec à Rimouski in collaboration with the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

  • 2020

    Winter - Beginning of the research and development phase aimed at creating a product that will offer a free-play experience to children in a quality framework and that will foster the social development of children, their independence and their self-esteem.

  • 2020

    Autumn - Jambette launches My free play, the first free play equipment in the institutional recreation equipment industry.

Click here to download the research report summary.

My free play mini

My free play mini

My free play mini

After the great success of the My free play module, Jambette is now launching My free play mini! My Free Play is an original concept by Jambette based on the principles of free play.

Mini but no less extraordinary

This smaller version of the original module is adapted to a younger audience of daycare users. The dimensions are ideal for a more limited outdoor space; moreover, the size of the structure and its accessories were designed for the little hands of the builders.

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My free play origin


Free play, as designed by Jambette, begins with THE PLAN, the most versatile structure available, which comes with a trunk of accessories that children can install, assemble and modify themselves.

Many benefits

  • Promotes children's physical and social development
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Fosters independence, problem solving skills and emotional control
  • Develops self-esteem

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