Seaside solution

For playground equipment exposed to harsher weather and environmental conditions.

Jambette has developed a unique formula, a version of its products designed specifically to resist the weather and atmospheric conditions that prevail in Canadian coastal regions.

It has long been known that coastal conditions are among the most punishing in the world for manmade structures. Beyond the wind, rain, snow and ice, salinity is what poses the biggest threat to ships, port facilities, buildings, public equipment and other structures located near the sea.

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Jambette has successfully developed a product, a selection of materials and finishes to optimize durability in such conditions.

Seaside Solution is also a cost-effective and feasible solution for customers who have or plan to install playground equipment in non-coastal areas with high air salinity, such as along roadways where large quantities of ice melting abrasives are applied in winter.

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In winter, being close to a busy roadway can expose your product to some punishing conditions.