MY FREE PLAY module by Jambette as educational play

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

MY FREE PLAY by Jambette is much more than recreational equipment, it can also be used for educational play! The concept’s versatility makes for different free play situations to promote the psychomotor and social development of children. 


After a play session, we may decide to put everything away and start from scratch the next day. The children, having learned from their "mistakes" the day before, modify and improve their construction techniques. New individual and collective ideas and strategies sprout from the experience gained.

Je joue libre


We may also decide to keep everything in place and continue the game on another day. The creative "work" is then taken over by the same or other children to complete, enhance or modify the project. It is a time for brainstorming: analytical thinking and problem solving will be at the forefront!

Jeu libre


Since MY FREE PLAY can be re-imagined endlessly, the use of the structure can change according through the seasons, around themes suggested by staff or decided by the children themselves. The shared project then becomes to imagine and build together a haunted house for Halloween, a tractor for the fall harvest, or a magical snow sleigh for the holidays.

Module Jeu Libre


The MY FREE PLAY module, an original concept by Jambette, is the first free play* equipment introduced in the institutional recreational equipment industry. MY FREE PLAY adds a new dimension to the classic recreational module: CREATIVITY.

The magic of MY FREE PLAY happens when children can decide, plan, create and build alone or as a group, in a flexible space-time. 

* Free play requires the discreet supervision of an adult.

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