A modern, playful and creative tower for children thirsting for new challenges.

module citiplex

A scalable and inclusive urban play module that includes accessories and games right inside and under its platforms for people with reduced mobility.


Many new innovative and original materials, such as metals with industrial finishes, polyethylene that looks like wood and wire mesh floors. Down the road, you could combine several units to create a mini-city.

The dream cabin taken to a whole new level, where imagination has no limit!

Climb its interior walls, get through the labyrinth game, hurtle down its slopes and hop on its massive slide. Discover its unique spaces, some of which are dynamic with exciting games integrated into its structure, and others that are more chill with airy spaces and a spectacular view of the surrounding area. This is what the CitipleX experience has in store for you!

Citiplex Plan du module


• An airy space ideal for meeting up, observing and dreaming from up high
• A portion of the in grating floor allows for observation of what is happening below
• Coloured light projections appear through translucent panels
• A cylindrical slide invites flatmates on a thrilling descent
• A new labyrinth game allows youth to play alone or with others for a friendly competition or just for fun


• An inviting, open space for meeting up and socializing
• Two openings allow access to two ground-floor climbers
• Access to the second floor with this new, highly original model of climber
• A stainless steel slide is ready for the return to the ground floor


• Two climbers invite young flatmates to reach the next level after a fun and safe challenge
• The transfer station provides easy access that also meets accessibility requirements
• Places to relax, talk and watch the CitipleX comings and goings are tastefully appointed
• An “intercom” allows for communication with friends above

Modules CitipleX

Inclusive qualities

The configuration of this product allows access for any independently mobile child assuming the cushioning surface is adequate.

The textures and reliefs provide a rich and diverse sensory experience. The variety of materials add to the interest and foster discovery.

Inclusion Jambette


• Galvanized mesh: 5 years
• HDPE polyethylene: 10 years
• Stainless steel: 10 years (degressive)
• HPL polyethylene (wood-look): 10 years
• Translucent polyethylene: 5 years
• Aluminium: lifetime
• Stainless steel hardware: lifetime

Elevation du CitipleX

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