Jambette Day !

Marie-Noël Grenier


Looking back on our annual event: Jambette Day!

At Jambette, we are proud of our employees and their dedication to our mission. Together, we work to make the world a better place, one playground at a time. We believe in the importance of community and sustainability, and we always strive to have a positive impact on the places where we operate. And speaking of positive impacts, this year marks our 40th year in existence! 

We celebrated this special milestone at our annual Jambette Day, where we brought all of our employees together to celebrate our achievements and discuss our future projects. We are grateful for every member of our team and their hard work that contributes to making Jambette such a strong and prosperous company. In short, we had several good news to share, but above all, it was a time to gather, joke, exchange, and most importantly, have fun together. 

Because at Jambette, we're more than a manufacturer of recreational equipment! Thank you all for your wonderful participation 😄 

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