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Marie-Noël Grenier


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At Jambette, our entrepreneurial journey has always been guided by our desire to create magical playgrounds for children around the world. This passion for innovation, creativity and quality has been recognized by an exceptional initiative called "Memorial 100".à

Memorial 100: Celebrating 100 inspiring entrepreneur stories

The "Memorial 100" initiative is a unique edition that brings together the inspiring stories of 100 intrepid entrepreneurs who followed their entrepreneurial instincts. It's a celebration of those who dare to take risks, defy norms, and leave a positive mark on the business world.

We're proud to share that Jambette has been selected to be part of this exclusive collection. Our company stands out among exceptional entrepreneurs, and we're honored to be included in the top 100.

Entrepreneurs who stand out

To be included in the "Memorial 100" compendium, companies were carefully selected for their outstanding professional achievements. This is in recognition of our ongoing efforts to create extraordinary and inspiring play spaces that contribute to children's happiness and development. Our dedication to quality, sustainability and innovation has been a key driver of our success, and continues to guide us in our mission to beautify the world one park at a time.

Our History: From humble beginnings to a thriving company

As part of "Memorial 100", a web page dedicated to Jambette tells our story, from the company's modest beginnings to our current position as a leader in the playground sector. You'll find vintage photographs capturing our first steps on this incredible entrepreneurial journey.

Our story is a celebration of growth, perseverance and innovation. It highlights the many steps we've taken to become the Jambette you know today, a company dedicated to creating playgrounds where children's dreams come to life.

We're honored to be part of the "Memorial 100" and to be among the inspiring entrepreneurs who are pushing boundaries and making a positive difference in the business world. This recognition reinforces our commitment to innovation, creativity and quality, and motivates us to continue beautifying the world one park at a time. We invite you to explore our story on the dedicated page and be inspired by our unique entrepreneurial journey.

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