The Dream Schoolyard: Dream Big

Claudia Carrier

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The schoolyard is both the heart of the primary school and at the heart of child development. In fact, it is a common area where children spend several hours a week learning how to live together.

The schoolyard plays an essential role in children's development

The schoolyard fosters the learning of many personal and social skills: communication, cooperation, mutual aid, excelling, negotiation, respecting differences, etc. Therefore, it is essential to create a schoolyard layout that offers children spaces that will be stimulating and inspiring.

At Jambette, we see an opportunity to let our creative juices flow and innovate to do more and do it better.

A dynamic layout, in symbiosis with their environment

To foster the overall development of youth, there should be a variety of activity zones in the schoolyard. Creating different zones allows youth to have access to a variety of equipment and surfaces, which helps strengthen all dimensions of their development.

Discover the 11 possible activity zones - kindergarten, grades 1 to 6, individual games, group play, and more! - by reviewing the Dream Schoolyard brochure below.

Download the brochure

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