Themed playgrounds

Themed playground

Themes stimulate the imagination and foster interaction, that is well known.

Give children a theme and off they will go for hours on end inventing stories of heroes, imagining fantastical adventures, undertaking spectacular journeys!

At Jambette, we get that!

Drawing inspiration from our four themes, here are a few suggestions among many possibilities for creating an original playground where children will never tire of coming to move, have fun and learn.

Give your children a stimulating environment that fosters their development… and enjoy the power of attraction created by the theme of your choice!

Make your own theme? Why not?

You want to create a playground with your own theme? Nothing is impossible! At Jambette, we diligently strive to meet all our customers’ needs. If this means we need to make modifications for a unique and specific need, we do so while planning a timeline and budget with you.

As designer and manufacturer, we have all the resources to carry out your playground project from A to Z.

Tell us your ideas!

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