Child development

From a young age, children experience a visceral need to move and play. This physiological need leads them to enter into contact with their environment and others. Through this instinct, they also learn to understand themselves and how they fit into the world around them.

Jambette strives to play a pivotal role in this vital experience for children. Providing play equipment that promotes motor development, coordination, physical strength, speed and endurance is part of our approach to product design.

Fostering social and cognitive relationships, stimulating the imagination and enhancing ties with the accompanying adult are also at the centre of children’s development and their path toward adolescence and adulthood.

Children learn through play. Jambette aims to provide a solid framework to support and guide you through this process, while respecting everyone’s aspirations, interests and limitations.

We are convinced that as you browse through our website, you will notice how deeply we care about this issue: the constant effort we put forth to facilitate child development. Among other things, you can use the following symbols found in many places to help guide you:

Accessibility and certifications

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Pictograms of body movements

  • Learning apprendre-learn
  • Sliding glisser-slide
  • Climbing grimper-climb
  • Imagination imaginer-imagine
  • Balancing marcher-walk
  • Twirling pirouetter-pirouette
  • Twisting pivoter-rotate
  • Crawling ramper-crawl
  • Jumping sauter-jump
  • Launching off lancer-launch
  • Pushing up soulever-raise
  • Hanging suspendre-suspend
  • Socializing socialiser-socialize